A video or audio
can be saved with
one click immediately.

Craving Explorer is a browser that makes it easy to download videos and audio.
When you visit YouTube, niconico DOUGA, radiko, etc., a download button will appear on all your favorite sites!
Just click on it, and it will start downloading immediately.


Windows 11/10

Ver2.8.25 (2024.5.14)

Update history


  • Download videos
    on the spot

    You can download and save videos from the corresponding sites right on the spot. When you visit each site, a download button will appear around the video and you can download it with just one click.

  • MP3

    Audio in video and radio programs can be downloaded in MP3 format.
    You can listen to your favorite music repeatedly, or listen to a long radio program in a relaxed way afterwards. You can enjoy it in any way you want.

  • Perfect for
    your everyday browser

    Craving Explorer is a Chromium-based browser. Chromium is the basis for many of the most popular browsers, including Google Chrome, and its performance has a proven track record. You can use extensions for Chromium in Craving Explorer.

MP4(Video) and MP3(Audio) downloadable sites

YouTube, YouTube Music, niconico DOUGA, Dailymotion, Twitter, Instagram, radiko, and SoundCloud

M4A or AAC (Audio) downloadable sites

YouTube, YouTube Music, and radiko

※Videos encrypted for copyright protection and live streaming are not available for downloading.

New and improved

Craving Explorer

Craving Explorer was created in 2006 as a dedicated video browser based on Internet Explorer. Its best feature is that the development team in Japan is constantly listening to user feedback and making updates to the browser. Our strength is our ability to respond to bug fixes and requests.

Craving Explorer has been reborn as a Chromium*-based browser! You can not only download videos and audio but also use it for everyday web browsing.

More convenient and freer. We hope you enjoy the improved version of Craving Explorer.

*Chromium is the open source web browser project on which Google Chrome is based. It has been used in the development of other popular browsers such as Microsoft Edge, and it is widely recognized for its high performance.

The development blog is here.

Go to the user forum to submit your request.

We welcome your feedback on the use of the product and requests at the user forum. We will use them as references for future development.

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